Projects include:

  • Byline articles
  • White papers
  • Customer profiles
  • Presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Direct mail
  • Custom training

FeNiKs Business Communications

FeNiKs principal John Blower works with you on the creation and development of effective and memorable:

  • Brochures and marketing collateral
  • Newsletters
  • Direct mail
  • Presentations and Informational Seminars
  • Website copy
  • Email promotions

Copy Creation (or Arranging Words in Different Ways)

There are samples of print and online copy here.

Training and Development

Topics taught range from Customer Service and ISO 9000 for Educational Institutions to Custom MS Outlook training.

There are more details here.

Website Architecture

Good site architecture leads the viewer seamlessly through your message.

There are links to samples of site layout here.

Need some help?

Contact me...

John Blower
London, UK
(44) (0)7986 401490
(44) (0)20 8941 0616

1997-2008 FeNiKs Business Communications

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