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StanleyYour comments welcomed via stan@bootle.biz.

Stan's Devil's Advocate column is STILL available as SODA (Son of Devil's Advocate) on www.sarcheck.com thanks to Don Winterhalter of Aurora Software Inc.

My site was put together by FeNiKs WebFührer John Blower. Click to visit the FeNiKs WebSite. (John's web-design fees are reasonable - give him a click.)

If you want to see what my talented, London-based son David is doing in the computer graphics domain, click away.

Recent Events

...from R&D Books: BODA: The Best of Devil's Advocate, a modest, BODAcious anthology of my 1984-1999 columnies PLUS a virtual January 2000 column predicting cosmic doom and disaster.

Stan's Corner on http://www.sdmagazine.com/ will carry previous Seamless Quanta columns PLUS random quotations from my Computer Contradictionary (MIT Press).

With the April 1998 issue, UNIX Review was renamed UNIX Review's Performance Computing (UR/PC) Magazine for sound socio-techno-economic reasons explored in Mark Hall's editorial.

My Devil's Adocate column was, with no change in my pithy honorarium, curtated to a pithy one-page, triggering some rhubarb-barbs from my loyal fans.

It now looks as though my trad paginational allocation will be restored starting with the February 1999 issue of UR/PC.

Further, my column will move (mixed feelings) from the backpage to a less-back page as in the 1984 glory days of yores ("What's yores? I'll have a black'n'tan, ta dere la'").

The ChateauIwonka and I spent Christmas (1995) and New Year in Europe. Our fixer-upper Chateau-fragment (XIIème siècle) in Provence (Bargemon) is almost habitable after 10++ years of fitful restoration. Restez à l'écoute

We returned en Prouvenço on August 31st for three months. Somebodies have to do it! We maintained internettoyage in spite of France Telecom.

March 2nd, 1996 -- a wonderful rain-free-at-last day at the MAA (Mathematical Association of America) meeting at Sonoma State University, CA. Highlights: Prof. Underwood Dudley's paper on prime numbers (ending with a dramatic proof that it's fun to be human, alive, and mathematically-inclined in this most-gilded of all golden math ages); brilliant demo of high-speed mental arithmetic by Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin (Harvey Mudd College); a warm hand-shake with the great, going-strong Paul Halmos on his 80th birthday. (More on these MAA events in future UNIX Review/SD columns).

December 12th, 1996 -- I was invited speaker at a Computer Science Colloquium organized by Prof. George Ledin Jr at Sonoma State University. My talk: "Is Computer Science? Is Software Engineering?".

December 19th, 1996 -- For something rather different: I was guest singer at The Castle Folk Club, San Francisco. Call Alan McCleod at 510-531-0339 for details of the club's activities.

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